Looking for a property to rent

To make the search for a suitable rental property a little easier, we place all properties available for rent on the internet. Generally photos will be displayed and an address given. This helps ascertain if the property may be suitable. A drive past the property also helps give you a feel for location and access to facilities.

If you are interested in inspecting a property please give us a call to discuss viewing arrangements.

To avoid any surprises or discontent after moving in, a property should be inspected by a prospective tenant before a tenancy application can be submitted.

How much do I need?

To secure property while we carry out the initial administration, including the credit checks and preparing the Tenancy Agreement, a Holding Deposit is required of one week’s rent which will usually be deducted from the required Security Deposit, should you proceed with the tenancy.

Should your references, credit checks or ‘Right to Rent’ checks prove unsatisfactory, or if you are unable to provide a suitable guarantor if requested, or if you change your mind about renting the property, the holding deposit will be returned to you minus a £75.00 deduction towards the costs incurred by RCRLA.

On acceptance of an application it is necessary to sign a Tenancy Agreement and pay the first month’s rent in advance. You will also be required to pay 5 weeks’ Security Deposit prior to the commencement of the Tenancy.

Our tenant fees

Tenancy Application Fee FREE
Additional Applicant Admin Fee (if required) FREE
Guarantor Admin Fee (required if the Tenant earns less than £20k) FREE
Tenancy Renewal FREE

Affordability guidelines

If you are interested in our rental properties, something to keep in mind to help you through the referencing process is your affordability of the rent for the property in question. The below table  provides a guide to the minimum salary needed for each level of rent.

Monthly Rent Applicant Minimum Salary Guarantor Minimum Salary
£400 £12,000 £14,400
£450 £13,500 £16,200
£500 £15,000 £18,000
£550 £16,500 £19,800
£600 £18,000 £21,600
£650 £19,500 £23,400
£700 £21,000 £25,200
£750 £22,500 £27,000
£800 £24,000 £28,800
£850 £25,500 £30,600
£900 £27,000 £32,400
£950 £28,500 £34,200
£1,000 £30,000 £36,000
£1,050 £31,500 £37,800
£1,100 £33,000 £39,000
£1,150 £34,500 £41,400
£1,200 £36,000 £43,200
£1,250 £37,500 £45,000
£1,300 £39,000 £46,800
£1,400 £42,000 £50,400
£1,450 £43,500 £52,200
£1,500 £45,000 £54,000

What are a tenant’s responsibilities?

Generally, a tenant is responsible for the maintenance of the garden and grounds. The lawns must be mowed and edged and weeds removed. The grounds must be kept clear of rubbish and paths and driveways clean and free from oil. The inside of the property should be kept clean and tidy in line with its original standard. It is normally the tenant’s responsibility to pay for utility bills including gas, electricity, telephone services, internet and water plus the TV licence.


All maintenance requests must be made in writing. This can be done on line using our maintenance request form, or by email. Phone requests will only be accepted in the case of emergencies.


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