Why do property owners and successful investors choose us for their property management needs?


One major pitfall of income property ownership has been the perceived “burden of management”, which requires not only management skills, sound systems, and good knowledge of the relevant Government legislation, but also lots of time and tenacity in order to maintain the physical condition of the property and the continual flow of income.

The Residential Letting & Management team is able to assist the owner/investor with much of this work and give them peace of mind through our experience, knowledge and training. We relieve investors of many of the worries of leasing, e.g. vacancy problems, uncontrolled expenses, annoying complaints, and repair requests at all hours.

Our knowledge of the local area and the discreet and tactful application of that knowledge to each property and situation is the key to our success. We recognize that property management is more than collecting rent. Rather, it is a specialization which combines many services:

  • Leasing Experts
  • Tenant Relations
  • Property Maintenance

Appointing a property manager is similar to entering into a partnership. Although we have up to the minute systems and procedures in place it is important to us that the personal relationship with our Landlords is maintained. At Ruth Curzon Residential Letting Agency our property managers specialise in a portfolio of properties which is concentrated within a particular area. This not only allows us to have a thorough knowledge of the area and the rents and rentability within that area but also gives Landlords one point of contact for everything in relation to their property.