Landlord Fee Structure From April 2021

It is important that our Landlords’ expectations are in line with the service we offer.

Statistics show that the majority of investors rent out relatively few homes in a lifetime. Some wish to stay involved with their property in varying degrees, whilst others require the property to be totally handled by their managing agent.

Although highly systemised we believe flexibility is necessary to accommodate these varying needs. To this end we have established a choice of management packages which cater for varying demands. Our high quality of service does not vary, only the depth and breadth alters in accordance with your selection.

We are happy to discuss with you the different levels of service available, to find the one that best fits your needs.

Owning an investment property is a new experience for many. No question is a silly question. Please feel free to ask.


Basic service to find a Tenant. We will advertise for tenants and organise appointments for the Landlord to do viewings. Cost £175.00+VAT


We will find a tenant by advertising, organise viewings, complete credit checks and obtain references. This service includes completing the tenancy agreement, taking deposits from tenants and depositing them with the Deposit Protection Service. Cost £450.00+VAT

This does not include creating an inventory or doing any inspections during, or at the end of the Tenancy (Please see the Additional Services section below).


All the services of Ruby, plus collection of the rent and depositing this into the Landlord’s account each month.

We also act as the primary contact for the Tenant for any issues that arise. We liaise with contractors, request quotes and forward these to the Landlord for approval. Once approved, we will liaise with the tenant and contractor to schedule the work and arrange for invoices to be sent to the Landlord once the work has been completed. Cost £450.00+VAT one off fee + 12% of monthly rental+VAT


INVENTORY: For all Landlords we can complete a detailed written and photo inventory. Cost £100.00+VAT for an Unfurnished Property and £150.00+VAT for a Furnished Property.

INSPECTIONS: For all Landlords we can complete a 3 / 6 / 9  month or end of Tenancy Inspection. Cost £25.00+VAT. This assumes a detailed written & photographic inventory is available at the start of the Tenancy. FREE FOR OUR DIAMOND LANDLORDS.

MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS: For Crystal and Ruby Landlords we can liaise with contractors, request quotes and forward to the Landlord for approval. Once approved, we can then organise the work to be carried out. Cost per issue £25.00+VAT.  FREE FOR OUR DIAMOND LANDLORDS.

TENANCY RENEWAL: When the tenancy term finishes and any/all of the existing tenants wish to continue renting the property, a new fixed term agreement can be arranged. Cost £75.00+VAT.